16 / 08 / 2016

How Beacons will Affect your SEO Strategy

Mobile is changing how brands communicate with customers.

It allows them to identify the individual (micro) moments when users browsing the Internet or an app such as when shopping, on a train, stuck in traffic, visiting a museum, etc, and being there during those moments.

For those targeting mobile users, it has become the most important part of the customer journey to purchase.

There are four stops, or micro moments, in this journey, namely:

  1. when they’re just starting to consider a category or a product
  2. when they’re evaluating and actually making comparisons
  3. when people buy something
  4. the time after a purchase

In an interview for ThinkWithGoogle, global co-leader of digital and marketing and sales practices at McKinsey & Company, David Edelman, describes micro moments and how beacons help identify them:

A micro-moment when you’re traveling is wanting to get into your hotel room and not have to wait in line to check-in. With the Starwood app, you can check-in right on the app. As soon as you enter the property, beacons recognize that you’re there. You verify your identity with a fingerprint (if you’re on an iPhone), the app provides your room number, and then you simply hold your phone up to the entranceway to the room, and go right in. That’s an amazing way for a brand to help you in a micro-moment.”

Beacons allow for background positioning and detection, giving new power to a phone that can make it truly “smart.”

So what are beacons and how does it affect SEO? 

Beacons are Bluetooth enabled devices that will be installed in different public locations such as restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

This will place a greater value on hyperlocal SEO. Hyperlocal SEO has two major factors – geolocation (within a well-defined area generally on the scale of a street, neighbourhood, community or city) and time.

In a nutshell, when consumers know what they want, they ask the search engines exact questions.

For instance, instead of looking for “homes for sale in Dubai” a home buyer will search for neighbourhoods and types of property, such as: “apartment for sale in Jumeirah Beach.”

If you know that your ideal clients are people who want to buy houses in the Jumeirah Beach neighbourhood, then that should be the focus of your online content.

That online content can consist of articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media pages and more.

Creating hyperlocal online content will help capture buyers and sellers who search specifically, vs. generically, for, say, their real estate needs.

In terms of SEO, hyperlocal content will, in many instances, allow your white label websites to rank ahead of large aggregates like bhome.com and propertyfinder.ae.

Marketers will know what customers are searching for in relation to their store (via search query reports in Adwords and the search console) and then be able to adapt their marketing campaigns. Beacons will alllow them to push promotions and other notifications via the beacons at the right micro moment, upping their chances of making a sale there and then.  nd push promotions to users via beacons and push notifications while they are in store in real time.

Optimise your SEO for beacons

Need help creating hyperlocal content and navigating beacons? Sekari’s SEO specialists can help you stand out and be found in all those micro moments in the customer journey. Contact Sekari today for expert guidance.

Image: Lighthouse from Pixabay.

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How Beacons will Affect your SEO Strategy

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