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Welcome to Sekari – The Search Optimised Content Marketing Agency

Sekari is the leading provider of Search Optimised Content Marketing based in the UAE. We are famous for combining sound strategic thinking and creative innovation with highly-tuned optimisation technology to consistently produce outrageously great results. Quite simply, we create, optimise and amplify engaging content whilst driving up your search engine rankings, leading to significantly higher visibility in a very cluttered online environment. A deep understanding of the technical aspects of what drives success in SEO, talented people, and an unequalled capability to deliver outstanding content across languages and geographies are what set us apart.

Sekari was established in Dubai in 2009, and while that still remains our headquarters, where we specialise in English and Arabic SEO and content, we have grown our capability to deliver content in more than 30 languages. This enables us to cater comprehensively and efficiently to our multinational clients who have a global audience. To achieve this, we partner with other SEO specialists and content developers who are native to each target location and who we trust to deliver content consistently and to our high standards.

We produce content in over 30 languages. We thrive in frontier markets and have developed an ever-expanding network of brilliant people.

The best SEO Dubai has to offer

SEO is at the heart of what Sekari does and it permeates through everything we deliver. We don’t just publish content and hope people will find it; we truly drive the very best organic search results. The technical capability of our Dubai SEO team is second-to-none.

How Sekari Does Search

Content Marketing

To be effective in building consumer dialogue and therefore relationships, brands need to publish inspirational and engaging content online almost daily.  We have developed smart technology that enables us to deliver fresh, relevant stories to your website from hundreds of handpicked news, blog, infographic and video sources, fast and cost-effectively.

Sekari's Content Marketing Capabilities

We employ talented professional journalists, writers and researchers who are naturally inquisitive and who create great material for your brand.  We are always looking for energetic writers to join our fast growing team.

Write for us.

Performance Campaigns

An obsessive approach to data and a performance driven culture drives dramatic and measurable results. Our experience extends across all Paid Media platforms, from Facebook Campaigns to PPC retargeting campaigns. Performance is delivered through a combination of Testing, Technology and Data Acquisition.

Performance Marketing the Sekari Way