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Our ingenious combination of content and search technology is guaranteed to make your brand stand out. Sekari is a passionate Search Optimised Content Agency. We pave the way in Search, Content and Performance Marketing, and we deliver results… outrageously great results. Obsessed with staying ahead of the latest SEO developments, as search gets smarter, so do we. Our unique packages dramatically enhance your online visibility whilst our multinational, multilingual team makes sure you stay local, all over the world.


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Zeentree is our answer to producing digital magazine content efficiently and cost effectively. It plans, creates, cultivates and publishes exceptional content in any language, delivered as a digital magazine.

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Enhance your online visibility with our range of SEO packages that will help your business stand out and be found.

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Search: 02/09/2016

Sekari launches ZeenV at BrightonSEO

Sekari is proud to launch ZeenV, our new explainer video production service, at BrightonSEO.
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Blog: 19/12/2016

Why Measurement Matters More than ever in 2017

Measurement of content plays an important part in the media industry, as each industry from marketing and storytelling to content
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Blog: 08/12/2016

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm. Make sure you and your brand are not left behind!

Virtual reality (VR) has been named the forerunner in three media fields: advertising, marketing and storytelling, and it has been
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Search: 01/12/2016

Search Engine Optimisation Tips You Should Use for The Upcoming Holidays

Holiday season is just around the corner, meaning it’s about time you get your marketing campaign into gear and up
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Blog: 22/09/2016

Google AdWords: Converted clicks are out; Conversions in

It was all of 15 years ago that Google AdWords introduced Converted clicks to measure what happened after someone clicked on your ad. i.e., to see which keywords, campaigns, and ads were most effective.
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Search: 16/08/2016

From Rich Answers to Explainer Videos, Here’s What’s New in the World of SEO

"Rich answers" are gaining popularity in search engine results pages (SERPs), with an increase of almost 9% over the last year, according to Audiencebloom.
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Search: 16/08/2016

How Beacons will Affect your SEO Strategy

Mobile is changing how brands communicate with customers.
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Search: 02/08/2016

Google Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Ads

When Google says on its blog: "The shift to mobile is no longer happening, or will happen - the shift to mobile has happened", we all better sit up and take note.
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