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Sekari is the most experienced SEO company in the Middle East

The process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

To this day, the majority of users still prefer to click through organic information-based results rather than Paid Search results, which is why Organic Search still plays such a pivotal role in consumer purchasing behaviour.

80% of all online traffic clicks come via Organic Search listings.

PPC constantly costs money, whereas SEO works completely in contrast. As the SEO campaign begins to gain momentum, the value and thereby the return on investment grows exponentially.

Over Time, Organic Search Costs 1/10 of PPC yet drives 60% more traffic.

4 reasons why Sekari a premier agency when it comes to search:

We pride ourselves in ensuring our technical expertise is second-to-none.  We only hire the very best experts and we are unwavering in our dedicated commitment to Organic Search.

Obsessive & Analysis
We use a comprehensive cyclical process and methodology, combined with unique tools and an obsessive tendency towards data. We have a unique set of tools and processes which we have developed ourselves. Our Cyclical Discovery process has evolved over the years and our Competitor Audits are uniquely capable of enabling our strategy teams to identify the precise competitive environment within any market or search engine.

An Amazing Link Building and Content Amplification Team 
Sekari has the Middle East’s most comprehensive and largest SEO Dubai team, spending years identifying and building a database of content amplification and social outreach opportunities, which link back to your website and build your website’s genuine authority on a topic in the eyes of search engines.

International Network and Multilingual Capability
We have built a global international network of independent SEO experts, which enables us to provide an efficient centralised multilingual process across all your SEO, Social and Content requirements. Our multilingual work is always unique and never relies on translation agencies.

It should be clear that at Sekari, we are not a translation agency but a Dubai SEO agency.

To be first, you have to constantly stay ahead of Continuous Change

Search may have changed over the years but consumers haven’t changed their fundamental need for information. The search algorithms keep updating however, so the need to not only keep up, but to stay ahead of that change is constant. At Sekari, we work tirelessly to ensure we are always the first to fully understand the external and internal forces at play.

Search Constantly Revolves Around Genuine Content Our search strategies have always been centred on the fundamental principle that if you deliver genuinely interesting content and engage with your target audience in an honest and transparent manner, then you will gain the confidence of search engines and consumers alike.  

Fundamentally, our strategies have not changed in years and our customers have weathered many algorithmic storms.

Content Production Capability
The only thing that has changed, is our capability to now produce larger quantities of content and reach and engage with wider audiences whilst enhancing our client’s performance within Search engines.

Constant Evolution
We are constantly revising our Search Strategies.
Through a hands-on, collaborative process, Sekari delivers organic performance-based online marketing campaigns. With SEO at the core of all our client marketing initiatives, Sekari focuses on the research & analysis that enables true understanding of human behaviour online. With this core insight, Sekari is able to deliver Organic Digital Engagement Strategies from which other digital channels can leverage. Sekari prides itself in staying at the forefront of technical innovation within the digital industry.

A Simple Cost-effective Process
Our customers appreciate our simplified approach, which is why we endeavour to abridge the process and the language. We are constantly striving to find cost efficiencies to pass on to our clients. 
Our SEO Strategy is usually delivered in the following phased approach:

  1. Organic Marketing Strategy Phase
  2. Technical Diagnostic
  3. On-going Organic Strategy Delivery

By breaking up our SEO deliverables into various phases, we endeavour to provide the maximum flexibility to our clients. We ensure that every facet of the initial stages is complete before embarking on further costly stages of the campaign. 

No Fixed-term Contracts
Our contracts are created in such a way that they incentivise our need to continuously provide an exceptional service and deliver organic performance. We do not hold our clients to ransom with fixed contracts. Our standard service agreements offer our clients the maximum flexibility and protection.

Cyclical Discovery
Our Cyclical Discovery process takes into account every aspect of keyword research, from analysing keyphrases for competition, to evaluating where the quick wins are.  We have the unique capability of being able to accurately predict the competitive nature of any market or territory.Essentially, beating your competition is the driving force behind your Search strategy. 

Our skilled team has the knowledge and instinct to see through raw data to the insights and opportunities within. 

The Cyclical Discovery process forms part of the initial development of the Organic Marketing Strategy. It is a process which is replicated in any language and is specifically designed to extract the most amounts of data and accurately inform your search strategy. We ensure that our clients are part of the decision-making process when it comes to certain milestones throughout the Organic Marketing strategy. We educate and inform throughout the entire process.

Quick Wins
We identify the keyphrase that will drive the very best conversions as quickly as possible.  We may have a long-term strategy to deliver high-value generic keyphrases, but in the meantime, we are very successful in delivering quick win results that provide immediate performance.

Competitor Studies
Our Online Competitor Reports help us to get a really detailed understanding of each and every market we are interested in.Every country and every language has its very own version of Google or other search engines such as Yandex or Baidu, and each one produces very different localised results. For this reason, an international campaign cannot rely on a common approach.Every country is different and you need to know who your competitors are in each and every country you want to rank in. Each territory or language requires variations in strategy and technology.

Technical Support
Simply Technically Brilliant People! We have some of the best minds in SEO Dubai and worldwide working with us. Absolutely detailed and thorough, every inch of your site is subject to scrutiny. It’s our fanatical dedication to ensuring we are the first to understand algorithmic changes that ensures our clients stay ahead of the competition.
This often means sleepless nights trying to fathom Google’s latest Penguin or Panda Algorithm changes. We will always thrive on being the first to implement the very latest opportunities presented by search engines, whatever animal they throw at us next. We never stop optimising your site.